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Paige Kuhn named Miss Grays Harbor 2015

Monday, 8:00 AM PST

From KXRO: A second Kuhn has become Miss Grays Harbor. On Saturday night, 20 year old Aberdeen High School graduate and Eastern Washington University student Paige Kuhn was named as Miss Grays Harbor 2015. In a post from Paige, she said, “My first memory of the Miss Grays Harbor pageant is from when I was […]

Aberdeen takes first steps for new taxes

Tuesday, 6:22 AM PST

The Aberdeen City Council took the first step to increasing multiple utility taxes at last night’s meeting. The council had separate ordinances for increasing water and sewer, solid waste, cable television and the storm drain utility taxes each pass their first readings last night. Councilwoman Kathi Hoder said the increases are necessary to keep the […]

County looking to administer admissions tax

Tuesday, 6:20 AM PST

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners had a public hearing yesterday to help them decide who could administer an admission tax. The ordinance that was brought forward had the auditor taking over the role from the treasurer but Grays Harbor County Auditor Vern Spatz said he has not had the time to see how this would […]

Brand new KXRO.com means new RSS feed

Tuesday, 8:43 AM PST

Thank you to everyone who has followed our archives here for so long. We have recently updated KXRO.com with a brand new WordPress theme and are currently building that website. Due to the change, we will no longer be feeding this WordPress archive actively. For your RSS feeds, please adjust to this address. http://kxro.com/archive Filed […]